Kitras Glass

Kitras Nature’s Whimsy Orb Ladybird Red


Nature's Whimsy is Kitras Art Glass' newest collection and was created to inspire whimsical wonder in the garden! These orbs are created with a beautiful and rich opaque glass frit that really creates a colour pop amongst greenery and blooms. Each orb is formed with a gentle wavy texture and has colour around the entire sphere making them perfect for use with the new garden iron items, as a pond ball or as a hanging orb. This is truly one of Kitras' most versatile orbs!

The story tag reads "Become enchanted with Nature’s Whimsy - this vibrant collection is inspired by the colours and shapes found in nature. The texture, patterns and bold colours are sure to remind you of your favourite flower or insect. Fall in love with the whimsy and playfulness of the outside world."

Comes boxed with info

Made in Canada