Laura J Designs

Laura J Autumn Asymmetry Necklace


Our Autumn Asymmetry Necklace embodies nature's elegance and creativity. At the heart of the necklace lies a small pendant, crafted with a textured 14k gold-filled oval. Within this oval, a smoky topaz gemstone glows, its facets capturing the warm hues of an autumn sunset. The gemstone is suspended on a delicate wire circle, evoking the playful dance of leaves in a soft breeze. The pendant is a tribute to nature's organic beauty, while the asymmetric gold chains that suspend it are a celebration of artistry and individuality. Adorned with delicate handmade links, these chains embrace tiny pops of color from rhodolite garnet, blue topaz, and gold pyrite. These gemstones are a reflection of the vibrant palette that autumn bestows upon us.

• 14k gold filled
• Smoky topaz with mixed gemstone accents
• Pendant Dimensions: about 3/4"
• Necklace Length: 17"