Laura J Designs

Laura J Eclipsed Gemstone Earrings


The Eclipsed Gemstone Earrings are a sublime expression of cosmic harmony. They are lightweight and comfortable, designed for those who appreciate the beauty of celestial wonders and the artistry of skilled craftsmanship. At the core of these earrings are lustrous gold hoops, each cradling meticulously wrapped opal gemstones within its delicate embrace. These opals, with their entrancing play of colors, represent the mystical dance of the celestial spheres. As they hang suspended, they create an aura of ethereal enchantment.

Below the opals, a blackened silver hoop gracefully eclipses the gold hoop. This silver hoop is adorned with a constellation of tiny rhodolite garnet gemstones, resembling stars in the night sky. The garnets, with their deep crimson hues, add a touch of passionate warmth to the cool cosmic palette, evoking the essence of a twilight sky.

• 14k gold filled and sterling silver
• Ethiopian opal and rhodolite garnet
• Dimensions: 3/4 x 1.5"