Laura J Designs

Laura J Labradorite Artistry Pendant Necklace


Introducing our Labradorite Artistry Pendant, a captivating masterpiece that combines meticulous craftsmanship with the allure of natural gemstones. A faceted marquise-shaped labradorite, with its enchanting play of colors, elegantly drops from a handmade sterling silver crescent moon-shaped disc, capturing the essence of lunar magic. Above the disc, a small gold rectangle becomes a canvas for a blend of exquisite gemstones, stretching across its interior. This harmonious mixture adds a touch of vibrant charm to the pendant, enhancing its artistic appeal. Each gemstone reflects the wearer's unique energy and the pendant becomes a talisman of creativity and inspiration.

• Sterling silver and 14k gold filled with vermeil
• Labradorite and mixed gemstones
• Pendant Dimensions: 1/2 x 1.5"
• Necklace Length: 17"