Laura J Designs

Laura J Ruby Whisper Earrings


These earrings are a harmonious blend of handcrafted sterling silver and gold-filled layers delicately intertwined, creating an intricate tapestry of textures and tones. The interplay of sterling silver and gold-filled elements adds depth and sophistication to the composition. Accentuating the artistry, a small ruby drop dangles gracefully, exuding a whisper of passionate red, while tiny labradorite gemstones, with their enchanting play of colors, delicately adorn the earrings. The Ruby Whisper Earrings are a testament to the beauty found in simplicity, perfect for those who appreciate the art of understated glamour.

• Sterling silver and 14k gold filled
• Ruby and labradorite
• Dimensions: about 2 x 1.25"