Laura J Designs

Laura J Smoky Topaz Orbit Necklace


Step into a world of captivating motion with our Smoky Topaz Orbit Necklace. This exquisite piece is a celebration of mixed metals, textures, and the mesmerizing allure of smoky topaz, creating a wearable masterpiece that captures attention and ignites curiosity.

At the heart of the necklace, a dance of mixed metal circles unfolds. Each circle is a testament to artistry and creativity, featuring its own unique texture that mirrors the rich patterns found in nature. Nestling within each other, these circles create a harmonious representation of the unity and complexity of life.

Dropping from this orbital arrangement, a marquise-shaped smoky topaz gemstone takes center stage. Its facets capture light in a symphony of colors, much like the planets that adorn our night sky. The gemstone is a focal point, a testament to the power of nature's beauty.

Delicate gold-filled chains, accented with a subtle rhodolite garnet detail, create an asymmetric design that evokes the graceful orbits of celestial bodies. Each chain carries with it a hint of mystery and allure, just as the universe carries with it the secrets of existence.

• 14k gold filled and sterling silver
• Smoky topaz with rhodolite garnet
• Pendant Dimensions: 3/4 x 1.75"
• Necklace Length: 17"