Laura J Designs

Laura J Topaz Tourmaline Harmony Necklace


A blend of mixed metal circles forms the heart of the pendant, a reflection of the unity and diversity found in nature. Within these circles, a dance of smoky topaz and pink tourmaline gemstones unfolds. The smoky topaz captures the warm hues of an autumn sunset, while the pink tourmaline adds a touch of vibrant femininity, invoking the blush of fall's blossoms.

Hanging delicately from a sterling silver chain, this pendant becomes a wearable reminder of the elegance in contrasts and the harmony that nature effortlessly creates. The chain's delicacy mirrors the tender balance of nature's elements, and the pendant itself becomes a reflection of the artist's touch and the allure of gemstones.

• Sterling silver with 14k gold fill
• Smoky topaz and pink tourmaline
• Pendant Dimensions: 3/4 x 1"
• Necklace Length: 17"