Laura J Designs

Laura J Topaz Twilight Earrings


These exquisite earrings are a testament to the marriage of craftsmanship and nature's brilliance, creating a wearable masterpiece that captures the allure of twilight's fading light. Each earring features a small gold-filled circle, meticulously textured by hand to embody the organic patterns found in nature. This unique texture adds depth and character to the design, making each circle a testament to the artist's touch.

Stretching gracefully across the circles is a constellation of blue topaz gemstones, evoking the serene beauty of the twilight sky. Their sparkling facets capture the essence of a clear autumn evening, where stars begin to twinkle. Dangling below the circles, a smoky topaz gemstone graces the earrings, capturing the warmth and mystery of twilight's embrace. With every movement, the smoky topaz dances, mirroring the flickering of candlelight in the soft darkness.

• 14k gold filled
• Blue topaz and smoky topaz
• Dimensions: 1/2 x 1.5"