Laura J Designs

Laura J Tourmaline Transformation Necklace


This delicate and captivating piece embodies the power of personal growth and vibrant transformation. It features delicate wire wrapping that gracefully dances around a tiny pink tourmaline gemstone, adding a bright and bold statement to the design. This stunning focal point hangs from a tiny hand-forged 14k gold filled serpent-like component adding a touch of symbolic allure. Completing the transformation-inspired design is a mesmerizing and elegantly wrapped moonstone which radiates with ethereal beauty and delicate oxidized sterling chain.

Embrace the transformative energy of our Tourmaline Transformation Necklace, wearing it as a reminder of your own journey of growth and empowerment. Let the vibrant pink tourmaline and enchanting moonstone guide you through life's transitions, while the serpent-like component represents the shedding of old patterns and embracing new beginnings. Let it be a talisman of positive transformation and a captivating addition to your jewelry collection.

• 14k gold filled and sterling silver
• Pink tourmaline and moonstone
• Pendant Dimensions: about 3/8 x 1.25"
• Length: 17"