Laura J Designs

Laura J Twilight Gala Earrings


The Twilight Gala Earrings feature large, lightweight blackened silver hoops, designed for effortless grace and maximum impact. Suspended within each hoop is a captivating opal, its surface alive with a mesmerizing play of colors. From each opal hangs a smaller gold hoop, representing the radiant sun setting on the twilight horizon. These golden hoops symbolize the last glimmer of daylight, adding a touch of warmth to the cool twilight palette. Completing the ensemble, a single rhodolite garnet gemstone hangs delicately, resembling the first star that emerges in the night sky, casting a gentle glow against the deepening darkness.

• Sterling silver and 14k gold filled
• Opal and rhodolite garnet
• Dimensions: about 1.75 x 1.5"