• Sonoma Lavender Lilac Dot Spa Mask
Lavender Spa

Lavender Dot Spa Mask


If you are looking for a luxurious way to relieve tension and headaches, you'll love this therapeutic spa mask. These spa mask feature ultra-soft fabric and an insert filled with flax seed and lavender. You can microwave this mask or eye pillow to warm up the flax seed and lavender, releasing healing and long lasting heat and therapeutic lavender fragrance. Sometimes in life, we may find it hard to take time for ourselves, but spending some time to recover can pay dividends down the road. You often can be more productive and effective after spending a little time to rejuvenate. Measures about 9.5" long by 5.5" by 1" thick. These are made by Sonoma Lavender and they make a thoughtful and welcome gift idea for a new or expecting mom, or anyone who could use some pampering. This is made in California, USA. A Susan's favorite. Affordable at $23.95.