Faceplant Dreams

Gifts that inspire sweet dreams. Love yourself. Be comfortable in your skin. Super soft luxurious Sleep & Lounge Wear &  Footsies keep life fun! 

Did you know? Faceplant bamboo and organically grown cotton is naturally breathable, moisture wicking…. Hello! …  We mean Good Bye Night Sweats! 

Did You know? Faceplant Bamboo apparel is Naturally Bacteria and Odor Resistant for carefree comfort.

Did you know? Faceplant uses o Oeko-Tex Certified Sustainably Grown Bamboo which confirms the human and ecological safety of textile products from all stages of production, along with the socially and environmentally sound conditions used in production facilities.   Faceplant :Keeping it Real So Feeling Good Never Felt  So Good.

Did you know? Faceplant’s signature fabrics are not only soft but as smooth as silk. The fluid movement caresses the senses allowing you to get the best sleep of your life. Ahhhh….

Did you know? Signature, Sustainable Fabrics + Indulgent Luxury = A Dream Worthy Investment.  Faceplant: Clean Calm Cool Collected

Did you know? Faceplant’s Bamboo fabric is moisture  wicking, thermo-regulating, naturally odor resistant, and UV protection of UPF 50+.

*A majority of the pajamas & loungewear can be purchased as separates. Get the correct size for your top and bottom!


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